Translation & Subtitling


  • tvN <Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist 2>, <Delightfully Deceitful>
  • tvN Variety Show <Amazing Saturday>, <Earth Arcade>
  • TVING <Duty After School>
  • Netflix <BITCH X RICH>
  • Mnet Variety Show <Boys Planet>
  • SBS Variety Show <Running Man>
  • KBS2 Variety Show <2 Days & 1 Night 4>
  • 59th Baeksang Arts Awards


  • tvN <Ghost Doctor>, <Military Prosecutor Doberman>, <Again My Life>, <Reborn Rich>, <Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist>
  • tvN Variety Show <Unexpected Business 2>, <Sixth Sense 3>, <Earth Arcade>, <Amazing Saturday>, <House on Wheels 4>
  • MBC <From Now On, Showtime!>, <The Red Sleeve>
  • MBC Variety Show <Radio Star>
  • TVING <Monstrous>, <Yonder>
  • TVING Variety Show <Seoul Check-in>, <Transit Love 2>
  • SBS <Why Her>, <Today’s Webtoon>, Variety Show <Running Man>
  • KBS2 <Jinxed At First>, <The Law Café>, Variety Show <2 Days & 1 Night 4>
  • TV Chosun <Red Balloon>
  • JTBC Variety Show <Knowing Bros>
  • 2022 MAMA AWARDS


  • tvN <MOUSE>, <Voive 4>, <The Devil Judge>, <HOMETOWN>, <Secret Royal Inspector & Joy>, <Melancholia>, <Happiness>
  • tvN Variety Show <Youn's Stay>, <Unexpected Business>, <House on Wheels Season 2>, <Six Sense Season 2>, <Great Escape Season 4>
  • SBS <Taxi Driver>, <One The Women>, <Now, We Are Breaking Up>, Variety Show <Running man>
  • KBS2 Variety Show <2 Days & 1 Night Season 4>, <Comeback Home>
  • MBC <Here’s My Plan>, <The Veil>, <The Red Sleeve>
  • JTBC <Beyond Evil>, <Undercover>
  • JTBC Variety Show <Knowing Bros>, <Sea of Hope>
  • MBN <Bossam: Steal the Fate>
  • Channel A <Show Window: The Queen’s House>
  • TVING <Yumi’s Cells>, <Work Later, Drink Now>
  • TVING Variety Show <New Journey to the West Special: Spring Camp>
  • KAOKAO TV <How to Be Thirty>
  • Coupang Play <One Ordinary Day>


  • tvN <The Cursed>, <A Piece of Your Mind>, <When My Love Blooms>, <Oh My Baby>, <My Unfamiliar Family>, <Flower of Evil>, <True Beauty>, <Mr. Queen> etc.
  • tvN Reality Show <Three Meals a Day 5>, <House on Wheels>, <Summer Vacation>, <Here Comes Trouble 8> etc.
  • SBS <Good Casting>, <Nobody Knows>, <Secret Boutique>
  • SBS Reality Show <Wook Talk>, <Running Man>, <My Little Old Boy>, <Delicious Rendezvous> etc.
  • KBS <Born Again>, <Welcome>
  • JTBC <Sweet Munchies>, <When the Weather Is Fine>, <Graceful Friends>, <18 Again>
  • JTBC Reality Show <Camping Club>, <Knowing Bros> etc.


  • tvN <Her Private Life>, <Black Dog>, <Pegasus Market>,<Kang’s Kitchen 2,3>, <Three Meals a Day: Mountainside Village>,<Here Comes Trouble 7> etc.
  • SBS <The Secret Life of My Secretary>, <Doctor John>, <Secret Boutique>, <Because I want to talk>, <Running Man> etc.
  • KBS <Justice>, <The Tale of Nokdu>, <Woman of 9.9 Billion>
  • JTBC <The Wind Blows>, <At Eighteen>, <Be Melodramatic>,<Flower Crew-Joseon Marriage Agency>, <Chocolate>,<Diary of a Prosecutor> etc.

2015' - 2018'

  • SBS <Saimdang, Memoir of Colors>, <Moon Lovers-Scarlet Heart Ryeo> scenario translation
  • tvN <What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim>, <Lawless Lawyer>,<Voice 2>, <Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter>, <Touch your Heart> etc.
  • JTBC <Sketch>, <Ms.Hammurabi>, <ID: Gangnam Beauty> etc
  • KBS <The Ghost Detective>
  • SBS <Switch: Change the World>

In charge of overseeing the translation and subtitling of popular Korean dramas and variety shows on a Taiwanese over-the-top platform.
(70 Korean-to-Chinese translators to work around the clock.)