• JTBC <The Wind Blows> <Moment of Eighteen> <Be Melodramatic> <Chocolate> <Flower Crew : Joseon Marriage Agency> <Diary of a Prosecutor> to Taiwan
  • KBS <The Tale of Nokdu> <Woman of 9billion> to Taiwan
  • SBS <The Last Empress> <Haechi> <VIP> <The Heirs> to Taiwan
  • MBN <Black Diamond> to Taiwan and 4 Countries
  • Channel A <A lover of 3:00pm on weekdays> to Singapore
  • TVchosun <Babel> to Singapore and 13 Countries
  • tvN <Trans-Siberian Pathfinders> to Taiwan
  • Web Variety Show <Blackpink House> to Singapore and Thailand
  • Chinese drama <Ten Years Late> to Korea, Japan / <Legend of the Phoenix> to Japan / <Shall we Fall in Love?> to Hong Kong


  • JTBC <Rain or Shine>, <Misty> to Taiwan
  • MBC <The Great Tempter> <My Secret Terrius> <Bad Papa> to Taiwan
  • SBS <Wok of Love>, <The Undateables> to Taiwan
  • KBS Distributed <The Miracle We Met> all world /<Strongest Deliveryman> to Indonesia
  • Channel A <Heart Signal Season2> to Indonesia
  • OCN <That Man, Oh Soo> to Taiwan, Thailand / <My First Love> to Taiwan
  • IHQ <Devilish Charm> to Vietnam and 6 Countries
  • Web drama < I picked up the star> to Japan and Taiwan / <Juliet> to Japan
  • Web drama <Rebel Detectives 1,2> and 9 Dramas to Asia, Americas & Europe
  • Reality Show <Photo People in Paris> <Photo People in Tokyo> to Singapore and 3 Countries, Americas & Europe
  • Mnet <2018 M COUNTDOWN in TAIWAN> to Taiwan


  • SBS <While You Were Sleeping> <Temperature of love> <Reunited Worlds> to Taiwan
  • MBC <Feast of the Gods> <Cheer Up on Love> <Hate to Lose> to Singapore and 5 Countries / <My Wife is a Superwoman> <My Princess> <I Do I Do> to Australia and 9 countries
  • OCN <Meloholic> <My First love> to Taiwan
  • tvN <Nine Plus Boys> to Vietnam
  • Channel A <Heart Signal Season 1> to Indonesia
  • Dramax <1% of Anything> to Taiwan
  • Format Distribution JTBC <Show Me Your Son> to Thailand
  • Variety Show <Uncontrollably Acting> <I’m An Actor> <Idol Heart Attack> <Gourmet Road 2> to Thailand and 14 Countries
  • Web drama <Touching You> to Singapore / <Detective Alice 1,2> <Love in Memory 2> to Myanmar


  • JTBC <D-DAY> to Taiwan
  • MBC <Weightlifting Fairy, Kim bok-joo> to Taiwan
  • Sold televising right of MBC plus <One Fine Day series> to Hong Kong and 9 Countries
  • Sold televising right of JTBC current affair/culture program <Half-moon Friends> to 15 Countries
  • Sold televising right of K STAR <Gourmet Road> to Singapore and 14 Countries

2014' - 2015'

  • Procured exclusive distribution right of <Asia-SONG Festival> to whole Asian regionTelevised in all Asian countries
  • Sold televising right of <BaekSang Arts Awards> 2014, 2015 to Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Sold televising right of MBC plus drama series <Nail Shop PARIS> to 6 Asian Countries and 3 Europe
  • Sold televising right of TV Chosun drama series <Bride of The Century>to Hong Kong and 5 Countries

2010' - 2013'

  • CJ media <Mrs. Town, Her Husband Died> to Japan and 4 Countries
  • JTBC <Padam Padam>, <Grand Queen INSU>, <Kimchi Family> to Taiwan and 6 Countries as a sales agency
  • Chanel A <Bachelor’s Vegetable Store> to Hong Kong and 7 Countries

2008' - 2009'

  • Lian Contents Co., Ltd. Established
  • SBSi Selected Lian as an exporting agency (in charge of Hong Kong)
  • Program provision contract concluded with SK broadband
  • MBC <Hero> Exclusive sales agency in Asia
  • Program (100 hours for a year) provision contract concluded with So-Net Japan (Sony Entertainment group satellite/cable station)
  • Chinese drama (200 hours for a year) provision contract concluded with HCN media
  • Selected as the superior TV contents supply corporate by Korea TV(한국정책방송원) and NHK <Surging Cities>